Dickinson Volleyball | Student-Athlete Internships, Summer 2018

Dickinson Volleyball | Student-Athlete Internships, Summer 2018

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Kristin Allgaier '21 (Reston, VA)

Major: Political Science | Minor: Women and Gender Studies

Internship: "Mini walk for the homeless" run by Cornerstones at Fox Mill Elementary School (Reston, VA)

Why Kristin chose this internship: I started this project as a 2nd grader when I became concerned with the level of homelessness in my hometown. With the help of my family and elementary school principal, I started a Mini-Walk for the homeless at my elementary school. Last year was the 11th annual walk which I helped plan and organize, along with the representatives from Cornerstones and Fox Mill Elementary School. It has raised over $70,000 for my local homeless shelter, while also raising awareness. This homeless walk is something I am incredibly proud of, and hope that I can continue to help this cause throughout my life. 


Alex Berezan '20 (Vancouver, Canada)

Major: Biology | Minor: Health Studies

Internship: Intern, at Surrey Memorial Hospital (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)

Why Alex chose this internship: The internship includes patient care, lots of wayfinding throughout the hospital, as well as job shadowing surgeons in the OR and while they make their rounds. I actually decided to create my own internship, and chose to do this because my future plans are going to medical school and studying to become a heart surgeon. This position is exactly what I hope to do one day.


Tatiana Lopez '21 (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico)

Major: International Business and Management Major

Job: Summer Job, at Puerto Rico Home Insurance Agency (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico)

Why Tatiana chose this job: This is my second summer working with this insurance agency, and I wanted to work again this year with home insurances, and learn more about them after the hurricane that affected so many homes here in Puerto Rico. 


Grace Stromberg '19 (Baltimore, MD)

Major: Environmental Science Major

Internship: Philanthropy and Community Programs Intern, at The National Aquarium (Baltimore, MD)

Internship: Administrative Intern, at the Lake George Land Conservancy (Lake George, NY)

Why Grace chose these internships: Both of these organizations are heavily focused on conservation, and they allowed me to use the knowledge I was learning through Dickinson's Environmental Science courses and apply it to real world situations. 


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