Commitment to excellence

Biddle Field

Department Mission Statement

A Dickinson College education prepares its graduates to become engaged citizen leaders of their generation by means of a useful education and by incorporating a global vision of the traditional liberal arts that permeates the entire student educational experience.

The Athletic program is an integral part of the educational experience offered by the College.  In offering a plethora of athletic opportunities for young men and women, the staff and coaches pursue a commitment to excellence and endeavor to maintain the highest standards of athletic achievement.  In addition, the Athletic Department serves the interests of the college by complementing and enhancing its diversity and quality of life.


Department Vision Statement

Dickinson College strongly endorses a comprehensive athletic program that encourages its participants to become student-athletes in the most complete sense of the phrase.  As well as striving for a nationally recognized program, we want the overall experience of each athlete to be the defining element of his/her non-academic life at Dickinson.

We hope that our student-athletes will experience success, not only in terms of wins and losses, but also in the quality and depth of their relationships with their peers and coaches.  We see our athletic programs, coaches and athletes caring for and helping each other, in addition to contributing actively as models in our community.  The culmination of the athletic experience is for student-athletes to continue to grow as individuals and to maintain a lifelong affiliation and commitment to Dickinson College.


Department Philosophy

The Athletic Department provides competition for men and women who strive to achieve the same standards of excellence that exist within the academic program of the college.  In addition, athletic competition provides the opportunity for student-athletes to get to know themselves and to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Dickinson College athletics are committed to the principles and practices of personal integrity, gender equity, sportsmanship and fair play, cultural diversity, and the fulfillment of each individual’s potential.

Primary emphasis is given to regular season competition, but exceptional teams and individuals are encouraged to participate in post-season play, both regionally and nationally.  Student-athletes are provided with good facilities, compassionate coaching and appropriate competitive opportunities with students from like institutions.


Who we are

Dickinson Red Devil student-athletes pursue excellence in the classroom, competition, and in local and global communities. 25 varsity athletic programs compete within NCAA Division III as members of the prestigious Centennial Conference.