Dickinson M. Lacrosse - Be a Red Devil

Dickinson M. Lacrosse - Be a Red Devil


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Dave Webster '88

Head Coach


Describe your ideal athlete.

A focused and purposeful student-athlete who wants to excel in college and realize his full potential—on and off the field.

Describe the tradition of your program. What are three core values of your program?

Our program is defined by HEART—hustle, enthusiasm, attitude, respect and toughness. These are the qualities we recruit and hope to help nurture and develop.

Describe an average in-season day for a student-athlete in your program.

The great thing about being a Dickinson student-athlete is that there is no normal. Every individual carves his or her own path to success. In general, our student-athletes take classes throughout the day, and we practice at 5 p.m., when all of the academic pursuits are finished. We practice two hours and have some additional lifts and film throughout the week. We compete once or twice per week and rest, recover and study on Sundays. There is very little downtime during the season, and our guys seem to thrive on the demanding schedule and active pace.

Offer details on facilities your program uses and regularly and benefits from.

Our facilities are state of the art. The year-round access to our locker room and the ability to access this facility when needed by each individual is tremendous. The varsity weight room next to the locker room provides us with a great opportunity to make consistent gains throughout the year. We have two turf fields that we use for practice and games. There are no limits in terms of our preparation and development as athletes.

Describe the positive balance between academics and athletics at Dickinson.

Balance is a word we often use in recruiting and with our current students. It’s not easy being a successful student-athlete at Dickinson, but as a result of the great challenge there will also be great opportunities.

Do your student-athletes study abroad?

The majority of our juniors will study abroad during their fall semester. They find it to be a very rewarding and fun experience, and it doesn’t compromise their development as athletes.

Describe community service projects or other community work your program participates in.

Our team culture is very connected to community service. We do several annual projects in Carlisle. We host an annual volleyball-a-thon on campus where our team plays volleyball for 24 straight hours to raise money for the local Red Cross chapter. In addition, we take team service trips over winter break. These week-long service projects are part of the defining experience for our players.

Describe some of the professional areas in which your program alumni currently have careers.

Just as our student-athletes will explore most of the majors that Dickinson offers, our alumni cover a large range of professions and careers. We have a strong contingent of alumni in finance and enjoy taking our seniors to meet with them every fall in NYC. We have several players who have worked abroad and are enjoying an international experience.

In your opinion, what does it take to thrive at Dickinson?

Many individuals with varying backgrounds and perspectives can and will thrive at Dickinson. All of these successful Dickinsonians share a passion for learning and growing. In addition, they have developed a disciplined approach to completing their work and finding a balance within their college experience. Our Red Devil lacrosse players who have excelled have been highly motivated and very coachable. If you want to get better and are willing to do the work, then the sky is the limit on our program.


VIDEO | Dickinson M. Lacrosse - Be a Red Devil


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