Dickinson College’s athletic programs demonstrate the purest ideals of college sports.


The success of Dickinson’s program emanates from careful institutional control and recognition that athletics is only one part of the educational experience of the student. The coaching staff strives to maintain a balance between athletic and academic achievement while establishing a positive competitive environment providing the opportunity for student athletes to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


Dickinson’s 25 intercollegiate athletic programs (13 women’s and 12 men’s) participate in the prestigious Centennial Conference (CC) and are operated under the auspices of NCAA Division III guidelines. Dickinson’s athletics program is committed to the principles and practices of personal integrity, gender equity, sportsmanship and fair play, cultural diversity and the fulfillment of each individual’s potential.


Primary emphasis is given to regular season competition, but exceptional teams and individuals are encouraged to participate in post-season play, both regionally and nationally. Student athletes are provided with fine facilities, superior coaching and an atmosphere that values the pursuit of excellence.


The Dickinson Scholar-Athlete


For more than a century, the men and women of Dickinson College have sought excellence in both the classroom and the sporting arena. The college is deeply determined that this tradition continues and remains committed to the ancient ideal that the liberal arts incorporates the healthy mind in the healthy body. The status of scholar-athlete is a special one that demands discipline and effort. However, the incalculable experience of testing oneself mentally and physically to the limit of one’s ability, individually or in concert with others, is also recognized as a vital part of an athlete’s growth.

Research at Dickinson has shown that the discipline required as a member of an athletic team assists in academic performance during the participant’s season. At Dickinson, academics and athletics are mutually supportive and our athletes are a success story. Almost to a person, they graduate in four years and many achieve various All-American and Academic All-American honors.

In addition to striving for a nationally recognized program, we want the overall experience of each athlete to be the defining element of his/her non-academic life at Dickinson. We hope that our scholar-athletes experience success, not only in terms of wins and losses, but also in the quality and depth of their relationships with their peers and their coaches. We see our athletic programs, coaches and athletes caring for and helping each other, in addition to contributing actively as models in our community. The culmination of the athletic experience is for our athletes to continue to grow as individuals and to maintain a lifelong affiliation and commitment to Dickinson College.