Sports Information

Below are downloads for Sports Information Directors. Available are the most current rosters for each team in the Excel and StatCrew formats. If you encounter problems downloading files or need further information, please contact Charlie McGuire at or call 717-245-1652.

Logo (eps format)

Fall Sports (2015)

Field Hockey: ExcelSRO

Football: Excel - FRO

Men's Cross Country: Excel

Men's Soccer: ExcelSRO

Volleyball: ExcelVRO

Women's Cross Country: Excel

Women's Soccer: ExcelSRO

Men's Golf: Excel - SRO


Winter Sports (2015-16)

Men's Basketball: ExcelBRO 

Women's Basketball: ExcelBRO 

Men's Swimming: Excel

Women's Swimming: Excel

Men's Indoor T&F: Excel

Women's Indoor T&F: Excel

Men's Squash: Excel

Women's Squash: Excel


Spring Sports (2016)

Baseball: Excel -  TRO - TRX

Men's Golf: Excel - SRO 

Men's Lacrosse: Excel - SRO

Men's Tennis: Excel  - SRO 

Softball: Excel - TRO - TRX

Women's Golf: Excel - SRO 

Women's Lacrosse: Excel - SRO 

Women's Tennis: Excel  - SRO 


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