SAAC Initiates New Faculty-Athlete Initiative

SAAC Initiates New Faculty-Athlete Initiative


With the support of the Office of Academic Advising, this fall the athletic department will implement the Dickinson College “Faculty Wear the Red” program. The focus of the initiative is to connect the faculty with our student-athletes and coaches to provide an additional mentoring opportunity for our student-athletes. The program is designed to be flexible as the time commitment is agreed upon by the coach and faculty prior to beginning the season. We anticipate the relationship will be mutually beneficial and the student-athletes utilize their faculty member as a mentor, informal career counselor, reference for graduate school or professional career as well as general support for their everyday goals.

Faculty members are encouraged to experience as much of practice, competition, team meetings and other team activities that their schedule permits in order to fully recognize the commitment it takes to be a student-athlete at the collegiate level and for Dickinson College. It is our hope that the faculty participating with this program get as much out it as we feel the student-athletes will.

As “Faculty Wear the Red” is in its infancy, we will work to identify faculty members who are interested in participating in this program. Faculty members can either request a particular program or one will be assigned. This is a seasonal commitment yet our hope is that the faculty member maintains a long term connection with one or several programs. In this way, the faculty member can become familiar with coaches and student-athletes by attending any or all team functions in which the student-athletes are involved. They will have the opportunity to experience what the player-coach relationship looks like and the strength that lies in the bond between teammates.

The program was originally proposed by the Student-Athlete-Advisory-Committee (SAAC). The success of the program at other institutions and the success of the faculty & student-athlete reception prompted the committee members to look into adding the initiative here at Dickinson. The reception brings together faculty members and student-athletes in a more informal setting to foster relationships and discuss the student-athlete experience on a deeper level.

“Having a faculty member on the sidelines really epitomizes what being a student-athlete means; the ability to connect with a faculty member not only in the classroom, but also on the court or field enhances the relationships and experiences of a student-athlete immensely. With this program students-athletes are able to connect with their professors on more than just the classroom experience, but also a huge part of their life as a college student. This program allows for faculty members to really experience a day in the life of a Dickinson College student-athlete, which is beneficial for both parties because it develops a better understanding of the dedication to both academics and athletics that students-athletes at Dickinson have.”

Jenny Smith (Basketball)




“For many professors and students, interaction does not extend outside the classroom. By participating in this program, a professor and student can interact at a more personal level which can ultimately help the relationship they hold in the classroom. This program will allow professors to see a different side of their students and outline the commitment that comes with being a Dickinson Student Athlete. By participating in this program, a professor truly shows their commitment to their students and wanting to understand what they do outside of an educational sphere."

Brian McCloud (Baseball)



For more information or to register for the program, please contact:
Carly Zinn
Head Field Hockey Coach/Assistant Director of Athletics
Steve Riccio
Faculty Athletic Representative


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