Dickinson College Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Dickinson College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is an organization of student-athlete leaders who represent the best interests of the student-athlete experience at Dickinson College, within the Centennial Conference and within the NCAA Division III. SAAC is dedicated to promoting excellence in academics and athletics, sportsmanship, citizenship and volunteerism while serving a liaison function between the college’s student athletes and the athletic administration.

SAAC intends to enhance the student-athlete experience at Dickinson College and encourages input and feedback from the student body about any issues that need to be addressed or ideas that should be considered.

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Athletic Department Liaisons

Carly Zinn - Assistant Athletic Director/Head Field Hockey Coach

Emily Hays - Head Women's Basketball Coach

2017-18 Committee Photos

2017-18 SAAC Members    
Bakary Samasa '20 Cross Country/Track & Field President
Killian Donahue '19 Soccer Vice President
Lauren Beecher '18 Volleyball/Lacrosse  
Mary Katherine Brosnan '19 Soccer  
Nicole Clayton '18 Softball  
Malcolm Davis '19 Football  
Shawn Diniz '18 Tennis  
Nicole Fondots '20 Track & Field  
Dylan Gilhooly '19 Swimming  
Hannah Gore '18 Cross Country/Track & Field  
Alexandra Gromacki '18 Soccer  
Hannah Heiring '20 Basketball/Golf  
Tyler Heisey '18 Football  
Duncan Hopkins '19 Cross Country/Track & Field  
Jake Kessel '18 Golf  
Ricky Klingerman '18 Football  
Chelsea Kramer '19 Field Hockey  
Ali Lane '19 Softball  
Frances (Stuart) Lemay '18 Squash  
Kassidy Lesher '18 Basketball  
Cory Litman '19 Squash  
Sam Loring '18 Tennis  
Olivia Lowden '19 Cross Country/Track & Field  
Ryan Lucas '20 Swimming  
Samantha Marmo '19 Lacrosse  
Max Matilsky '20 Baseball  
Frederick Meagher '20 Soccer  
Heather Meeder '20 Field Hockey  
Justus Melton '18 Basketball  
Katie Montgomery '18 Cross Country/Track & Field  
Ian Morris '18 Basketball  
Alanis Perez '19 Squash  
Brodie Phillips '19 Lacrosse  
Chris Pollock '18 Soccer  
Corey Richards '19 Lacrosse  
Emily Rieder '19 Golf  
Marcus Robinson '18 Track & Field  
Demetria Ruhl '20 Swimming  
Emily Sprague '18 Tennis  
Jonathan Stenger '18 Basketball  
Molly Sternick '20 Swimming  
Robbie Thompson '18 Baseball  
Kacey Waleski '20 Volleyball  
Olivia Watson '19 Cross Country/Track & Field  
Charlie Zane '20 Golf  


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